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Reflections on the Trading Deadline

Now that the drama of the Manny Ramirez deal is settling down a little, I’d like to share a few thoughts on the Sox performance at the trading deadline. I was surprised that Theo and company didn’t get some help for the bullpen, this team’s weakest aspect. The 2008 Sox need lean heavily on the pen, and will continue to do so with Dice-K looking like he’ll never get past the sixth inning in any of his starts. I won’t go into all the pen’s many woes, but I’ll just say that other than Papelbon, I wouldn’t trust any of them to protect a marginal lead late in the game (think Okie Friday night!).

So I wonder if the lack of attention at getting a sturdy reliever in any deal reflects a confidence that the team can solve the problem from within, or that they were so focused on the Manny deal they couldn’t pull the trigger on any others. If the latter, that’s a major failure and one more way that Manny has hurt this team.

I like Theo’s approach to developing young talent and protecting them, but I think he is over protective at times. A few years ago he could have gotten some top talent in return for Craig Hanson — now Hanson is gone as a pawn in the Manny/Bay deal. Well, it is all interesting and only time will tell what moves work and what do not.


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