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Seven thoughts about the Red Sox

  1. The whatshisname for Jason Bay trade was a good move. The team is playing better, and Jason Bay is a good ball player. Yes, Manny is knocking the cover off the ball for the Dodgers, but he would not have played this well if he’d remained on the Red Sox. Even if the Sox don’t make the playoffs, I won’t knock this deal.
  2. The Sox miss Mike Lowell more than they miss whathisname. Mike Lowell is a steady performer, and an anchor in that lineup. If he is out the rest of the season, or if nagging injuries keep him from performing at the plate the way he did in the first half of the season, (either because of his hip problem or his oblique doesn’t heal fast enough — or both), the Sox are going to struggle offensively and defensively.
  3. Given that Lowell is out for several weeks, Terry Francona should settle on a lineup with Youk at third, Lowrie at short and Casey at first. That alignment gives the Sox the strongest offense, and a pretty good defense. It is far better than Lowrie at third, Cora at short and Youk at first.
  4. I have this feeling that if the Red Sox bull pen hadn’t imploded a few times, Jon Lester might be in the running for the Cy Young award.
  5. There’s a lot of chatter that Jason Varitek has reached the end of the road with the Sox, that his offense has completely abandoned him. Perhaps. But don’t forget that Varitek battled two pretty serious illnesses earlier this year. Given that and the daily grind of catching this irratic pitching staff, it may just be fatigue. That and the weight of going through a divorce. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason has a resurgence at the plate next season, no matter who he ends up playing for.
  6. Theo Epstein is probably going to want to add some offense to the Sox in the off season. Problem is that it is hard to see where he’ll fit a new bat or two into the lineup. If he signs Mark Teixeira, where will Youk play? Third? Then where does Lowell go? They aren’t going to replace Pedroia at second. They aren’t going to replace Bay or Drew in the outfield. Perhaps they’ll trade Ellsbury for pitching and sign a center fielder who can hit… and who would that be? You’re not going to find a difference making bat among the free agent catchers. No, I don’t see that the Red Sox will be much different come next spring.
  7. Is it just me or does it seem like any time someone in the bleachers sneezes, J.D. Drew gets hurt?

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