Bloody Sox

Red Sox Rants — and other random opinions about sports


How bad must Alex Rodriguez play for me to actually start feeling sorry for him? As bad as last night. Baseball’s highest paid player ever stunk the place (Yankee Stadium) up, and the New York press is in full lather. From the level of acrimony steaming off the pages of New York’s tabloids, you would think that A-Rod had invaded a sovereign country under false pretenses, or driven the national debt to record levels, or let an American city be destroyed, or fiddled while the U.S. economy took a nose dive or something, like, really serious.

Last night’s game was important for the Red Sox. With the recent run of injuries to Lowell, Drew, and Beckett, and the continued inspiring play of the Tampa Bay Rays, the Sox need to build some momentum for the stretch run in September. Being swept three straight in NY didn’t seem out of the question… but now that can’t happen. Hopefully Paul Byrd will pitch competently tonight — and Sydney Ponson will be his usual self — and the Sox can garner another win going into tomorrow’s final Sox game at Yankee Stadium, when Jon Lester matches up against Mike Mussina.

But, Sox fans, let’s not wallow too much in all the A-Rod bashing. The guy could come back tonight with a monster game. And this season is a long way from over.


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