Bloody Sox

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If I actually got TV reception (or satellite or cable) I have to admit that I would have been one of those folks who turned off the TV and went to bed after the Rays built a 7 to 0 lead in last night’s game. As it was, I was following the game results with periodic checks of the Internet. I did stop checking once the Sox were down by seven runs. However, the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was check the Internet to see what the final score was — and there was a little bit of hopefulness in my heart as I did so. Nevertheless, I was stunned when I learned that the Sox had made an historic comeback, scoring eight runs in the final three innings to pull out an improbable victory in game five of the ALCS.


And now? Well, another trip to the World Series does not seem quite so far-fetched today as it did yesterday. The Sox would still have to be considered long shots for the chance to face the Phillies for the World Championship, but all of New England must feel a whole lot better than they did 24 hours ago. And, even if the Sox lose tomorrow or Sunday, they will have made this series respectable. The Rays ARE a very good team, and losing to them would not be a disgrace. Losing to them as the Sox had been doing in games two through four (especially games three and four) would have been disgraceful. No hitting, bad pitching. No one coming up with clutch base hits.

Speaking of which, did Coco Crisp and Jacoby Ellsbury exchange bodies or something? Cuz it’s kinda weird how THAT tide has turned since last year at this time.

Anyway: GO SOX!


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