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The luke warm stove

This is the time of year baseball fans call the hot stove league, because we stand around the wood stove warming our hands and talking about what moves our favorite teams might make in the off season to improve for the coming year. Of course, there is a lot more talk than actual action. So far this off season the Sox have made just one significant move, trading Coco Crisp to Kansas City for a decent relief pitcher. We expected Crisp to be traded 12 months ago, so this isn’t exactly thrilling.

This year, most of the talk centers around top free agents, primarily Mark Teixeira. But old friend Derek Lowe is also in the mix, as is the ever fragile A.J. Burnett. I wouldn’t have expected the Sox to have interest in Burnett, but they inexplicably gave the equally injury-prone J.D. Drew a big contract two years ago, so anything is possible. (Do you think there is a connection with the fact that these guys don’t have first names, just initials and their susceptibility to injury?) There is also the suspense over just how the Sox will address their hole at the catching position — resign Varitek or go after someone younger, like Jarrod Saltalamachia.

I must confess I check several times a day to see if there is any real news. Mostly all I read is blathering speculation, a lot like this post. Well, rather than continue to add to the noise, I guess I’ll end this meaningless entry… besides, I’ve got to check for news; something meaningful might have happened while I was writing this.


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