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Yanks buy another one.

Yes, it would be nice to have a bat like Mark Teixeira’s in the Sox lineup, but not for that kind of money. Seriously, paying someone that much to PLAY baseball in this economy really is obscene. Yankee fans, I’m sure, will be glad to get a player of Teixeira’s caliber, but deep down they know that all the Yankees are doing is buying talent. There’s no skill in that. There’s no reason for Cashman or Steinbrenner or Girardi to feel like they’ve accomplished anything…. assuming, of course, that the Yankees do win something with this mega-millionaire lineup. But there is no guarantee of that. The Yankees have bought lots of talent in the past decade and it has done them little good.

So these are the two scenarios:

  1. The Yankees don’t win it all, in which case they become poster children for over-hyped, over-paid duds; or
  2. They do win it all, in which case everyone shrugs and says, well that’s what all the money in the world can buy you. It’s kind of like an Illinois senate seat.

I mean, poor Joe Girardi. His team could win 120 games next season and he still wouldn’t be named manager of the year.

As for how the Sox handled this, it is easy to say they blew it, but that is the small way to look at this. John Henry and company were willing to pay this guy more money than they ever paid anyone. All it seemed to me that they wanted in return was a player who WANTED to play for them. Is that too much to expect? Instead, Teixeira proved that all he has ever cared about is the money. If I were JH, I wouldn’t want that guy on my team playing on the right side of the infield with Dustin Pedroia. Nope. No way.


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