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Commitment to mediocrity

[This is not a commentary on the Red Sox, but is directed at the Dallas Cowboys.]

So, even after that abysmal performance on Sunday against the Eagles in what was a MUST win game, Jerry Jones is going to keep Wade Phillips on as his head coach. Oh, but there will be some changes made:

“We know things must improve. The only way is to change things,” Phillips said. “To get to the standard we want, I don’t see any other way.”

Phillips said he and Jones already “talked man to man” about what went wrong and what needs to be done about it. All he’s decided so far is that he needs a plan; he’s only started putting it together. However, he expects both coordinators and all the star players to return.

This hardly needs comment, but I will say this anyway:  Wade Phillips has been an NFL coach for over 30 years, if he hasn’t figured it out yet, HE ISN”T GOING TO!  Seriously, who can respect this man? Certainly not the players. Maybe Jerry Jones respects him, but I don’t think he really respects any coaches. Remember when he famously claimed he could coach the Cowboys after Jimmy Johnson quit? Hmmm.

There is a reason Wade Phillips has never won a playoff game. A football coach instills grit in his team, so that when they get to big games, they have the toughness and the meanness it takes to win. This team is so far from being tough that I suspect they’d be run off the field by an angry field hockey squad.

But the head coach is not this team’s most serious problem. The main problem with the Cowboys is JERRY JONES and his spawn. They don’t know anything about talent evaluation,* nor how to build team chemistry. The first step to restoring the Dallas Cowboys to respectability is for the Jones family to remove itself from football operations and to hire a genuine football man to be the general manager — Scott Pioli maybe? But that is not going to happen, because Jerry Jones has a titanic ego, and he thinks he is a genius. The truth, however, is Jerry Jones is now the second coming of Al Davis. That should take the starch out of any Cowboy fan.

*Recall that in 2001, Jerry Jones made Quincy Carter his quarterback of the future — then spent big bucks to sign free-agent washouts Drew Henson and Chad Hutchinson in a desperate attempt to find a real quarterback of the future.


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