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The empty “failure”

On the Boston Globe’s Tony Massarotti once again characterized the Yankee signing of Mark Teixeira as a Red Sox failure:

… given where the Red Sox are today in the wake of the Teixeira failure, we have no choice but to move forward and ask the only question that matters: Where do the Sox go from here?

Since when did deciding you weren’t going to over pay for a player constitute a failure? This is getting to be a tired refrain from Mazz. The Red Sox offered MT (or “Empty” as I now refer to him) more money than any Red Sox player has ever made — more than Carl Yastrzemski, Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Jim Rice, Nomar Garciaparra, Manny What’shisname, Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Fred Lynn, Carlton Fisk, Dwight Evans, or Ted Williams — and not just for four years, but for eight! And Empty turned it down to go to the Yankees. Fine.

NOT A FAILURE. A wise business move. Don’t overpay for talent — something I wish the Sox had exercised two years ago when they signed J.D. Drew… but that’s another story.

Now the Sox are turning their attention to other matters. I hope that Rocco Baldelli is able to overcome his chronic illness. He seems like a great person and a hell of an athlete. Healthy, he will really help this team in ’09. I love signing Smoltz — although a guaranteed $5 million for a 41-year-old pitcher coming off shoulder surgery seems a little high. But I think there is a good chance he can bolster the pitching staff at the all-star break and beyond.

Some are suggesting the signing of Smoltz and Penny means the Sox will be willing to part with Clay Bucholz to acquire Jarrod Saltalamacchia… I hope so, but I wouldn’t count on it. For all his bloodlessness, Theo seems to have a crush on his own draft picks. Look how long he hung onto Craig Hanson!

Nevertheless, I fairly pleased with the off-season so far. I think the Yankees might be a little better than last year, but I don’t think they’ll run away with it. And there’s even a chance they’ll implode the way Detroit did in ’08. I mean, this is a team with some egos almost as big as their paychecks… and that’s some mighty big.


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