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All-time Sox team: Catchers

Well, with spring training about a month away, it’s time to fill these space with some really useless chatter. (What, you think my previous comments are pretty useless?!) So this is going to be the first installment in a series naming my all-time Red Sox team.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Eligible players had to have played the bulk of their careers with the Red Sox during the era in which I have been a fan — which means starting in 1969. So, Ted Williams, Frank Malzone, etc… are not eligible.
  2. Only players who spent three or more years with the Sox are elligible (so Dustin Pedroia is not yet eligible).
  3. Only the player’s performance as a Red Sox player counts (so if I name Dennis Eckersley my closer, I only get the Eck at the end of his career).

Make sense? Anyway, to get this show on the road, I’ll begin by selecting my all time Red Sox catcher. Really this comes down to two men: Jason Varitek and Carlton Fisk.

When I first considered the question of who was the best catcher in my Red Sox experience, I thought, “This is a no brainer; Carlton Fisk!”  But looking over each player’s stats with the team, I find they are remarkably similar. In fact, Fisk hit 162 home runs in a Red Sox uniform and Varitek has (so far) hit 161. Both players are hard-nosed, old-school catchers. Varitek is renown for his preparation and ability to work with pitchers.

Fisk, however, was a special player during his time. Rookie of the year in 1972. Seven-time all-star in a Red Sox cap. Top ten in MVP voting three years. Fisk is a New Englander. And, finally, Fisk is at the center of one of the great Red Sox moments of all time — his thrilling walk-off home run in Game Six of the 1975 World Series. 

So, my all-time Red Sox catcher is — yes, it is a no-brainer afterall: Carlton Fisk.

Next up: First Base


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