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All-Time Red Sox Team: First Base

A lot of players have stood over at first base for the Red Sox in the forty years I’ve been a fan, but three of them stand out. First, is Carl Yastrzemski, who played 765 games at first, mostly in the 1970s. But Yaz can never be thought of as anything but the left fielder for the Red Sox, so we will turn to the other two standout first basemen:

If I were basing this choice strictly on offense, Mo Vaughn would be the hands down winner. In 1996 he batted for a .326 average while amassing 44 homeruns and 143 RBI — yet he only finished 5th in the MVP voting — huh? He was an all-star three times for the Red Sox and MVP in 1995.

But fielding does matter on my team, and that’s why Kevin Youkilis is the other Sox first baseman of note. He holds the record for most errorless games in a row by a first baseman, and won the gold glove in 2007. But his offense ain’t bad. We’ll see if 2008 turns out to be a career year, or a typical year. Youkilis gets on base and he makes the pitcher pitch. In addition he can play third base, and I also award points for versatility.

So my all-time Red Sox first baseman is Kevin Youkilis. Next up: Second Base


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