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My all-time Red Sox team: Second Base

A lot of second basemen have come and gone during my years as a Sox fan (starting in 1969). With the exception of the current occupant, none of them are what you would call a superstar, and, unfortunately, Dustin Pedroia is ineligible for my all-time team because he hasn’t played three full season with the Sox yet — Who made up these rules? Oh, yeah, I did.

So, two players stand out the most to me: Jerry Remy, and Marty Barrett. The Rem Dog might be the sentimental choice, as he remains a major figure in Red Sox Nation — president, I believe. He played 685 games at second base for the Sox, scoring 385 runs and knocking in 181.

Barrett had a longer tenure, playing 906 games at second, scoring 417 runs and driving in 311. Both players had about the same batting average, around .280 or so, and both were heads-up, smart players.

What tips the scales for me, however, is Marty Barrett pulled off the old hidden ball trick three times — twice against the California Angels in a two-week period! I remember hearing Ned Martin call one of those games. Only Johnny Pesky had as many outs with the hidden ball trick as Marty Barrett in a Sox uniform — so Marty is my all-time Red Sox second baseman. (Check with me a year from now and I’ll have to make my choice Dustin Pedroia, but give Marty his due for now.)

Next up: Third Base


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