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Dice-K to the rescue… Gulp!

I was really, really hoping that a trip to Oakland would revive the Red Sox, but judging from last night’s anemic 8 to 2 drubbing by the A’s that isn’t likely. Now the Sox have to hope for a great pitching performance from Dice-K tonight.  While Matsuzaka might be lights out in the WBC, he doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence every time he toes the rubber for the Sox.

Regardless, however, the Sox lineup problems remain. (Production from the leadoff spot; David Ortiz bat speed; Mike Lowell’s bat speed; J.D. Drew’s bat.) We can only assume Pedroia is going to come around. But can we assume the other holes in this lineup really are going to be filled? Now Jed Lowrie is on the D.L.

Let’s face it, when you have to hope for the return of Julio Lugo, it is never a good sign.


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