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What a difference a few days and a seven-game winning streak make!

A little over a week ago, I was lamenting the lame way the Red Sox had started the season, but after reeling off seven-straight wins, the Sox are tied with the hated Bronx millionaires, whom they clash with tonight. This weekend series in Fenway will be interesting for many reasons… as all Red Sox-Yankees series are. But it will also be another early gauge of the quality of this Red Sox team. Clearly they were not as bad as their 2 and 6 start…. but are they as good as their seven-game winning streak? They may be, or close to it. The bullpen is rock solid. The starting rotation, while a little bit shaky here and there, is good. Now the hitting is coming around, especially from the top of the order.

Everyone seems to think tomorrow’s pitching matchup between Josh Beckett and A.J. Burnett is the highlight of the series, but I think I’m more interested to see how Lester comes back after his masterful performance last Sunday against the Orioles. If he can keep that up, the Sox will be in great shape. And then, I’m also eager to see how Justin Masterson fares in his second start in place of Dice-K on Sunday night. The young right-hander is matched up against the crafty, veteran lefty Andy Pettitte. That will be a great game, I think… and probably the rubber game of the series.

Anyway, all I know is that baseball season is truly underway when the Sox and Yanks face off. And that begins tonight!


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