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13 to Oh!

Why is it that when the Sox are winning, I look at the team and think, “They’re unbeatable,” then they lose two out of three and I’m ready to hit the PANIC button? Last night’s 13 to 0 loss to Tampa Bay was ugly, especially the performance by Sox “ace” Josh Beckett. Even during the winning streak, the starters weren’t overly impressive (besides Tim Wakefield and Justin Masterson). Our concerns that Lester’s extra work load last season would take their toll this season seem to be founded. Beckett is not the pitcher he was in 2007 — and maybe not even the pitcher he was in 2008! The Brad Penny experiment looks as if it may cook itself out before much longer. (When Dice-K is ready to come off the DL, my bet is he replace’s Penny and not Masterson).

Thank god for the bullpen. But the Sox have been relying on them way too much. So much, in fact, that Jonathan Van Every — an outfielder from Pawtucket — had to get the last two outs after Javier Lopez threw 25 ineffective pitches. Lopez stayed in the game in right field!

And I don’t like losing to Tampa Bay this way. They’ve been playing poorly, and I don’t want them to gain any confidence or momentum.

So, all in all a bad night.

By the way, does anyone think it means anything that the only two games the Sox have lost in the past 14 are the ones where Julio Lugo started at shortstop? I’m just wondering.


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