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Futility Infielder

After today’s 5 to 3 loss to Tampa Bay, the Sox have now lost four out of the last six games, three of four to division rival Rays. What do each of these losses have in common? Julio Lugo started at shortstop. What do the two wins , and the 11 straight before that have in common? Julio Lugo did NOT start at short stop.

Coincidence? Jinx?

No. Julio Lugo sucks. Brad Penny, today’s starting pitcher, had pretty good stuff. But there were at least two fielding plays Lugo failed to make, both of which extended innings and the second of which cost a run. A few nights ago in Cleveland he lost the game with a four-run error. He’s batting .214.

There is no getting past the fact that the Red Sox are a better team when Lugo is on the DL or at least on the bench. If he weren’t one of the highest paid players on the team, Terry Francona would not be forcing him into the lineup, but they have to play him so Theo Epstein doesn’t look like an idiot for signing him to a ridiculous contract three years ago. Something has to give at some point though. But the question is how many games will they lose because of this player before they make this decision?


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