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A modest proposal!

There’s lots of talk about the Sox acquiring a big bat. Among the suggestions is trading Clay Buchholz and Daniel Bard for Victor Martinez. This is a stupid idea, and will never happen anyway. Martinez would be a nice addition to the Sox for a year or two, but he’s 30 years old. This isn’t the era of the steroid. Not so many players are going to be productive through their mid and later 30s. Trading two or more young pitchers for him would be a bad deal. If the Sox can land Martinez with one pitching prospect, I’d say consider it. Otherwise it isn’t worth it.

But I do think the Sox need to shake things up. In a big way. Rather than trade a young prospect, I suggest making a blockbuster deal. Trade Josh Beckett. He’s still in his prime, still has good stuff, so he should bring a nice return. The Sox have good young pitchers waiting to join the rotation and they need spots for them. Beckett will be a free agent after 2010, so I doubt he’ll still be a Red Sox in 2011. Now is the right time to trade him.

But who do they get in return and how do they plug him into the lineup. If they bring in a DH-type, they would basically be throwing in the towell on David Ortiz… and the $20-plus million they still owe him through next year. (Perhaps they can tie him into the deal with Beckett, no doubt eating most of his salary.) They could surely use a shortstop, but who is available, and who will have that much of an impact? Perhaps the Sox can pry Michael Young from the Rangers. But Young isn’t… young that is. Josh Beckett is worth more than he is. So throw in one of the Rangers young catchers. Beckett and Ortiz for Michael Young and Taylor Teagarten. I’ve got to believe the Rangers would strongly consider that deal now that they are in the pennant race.

Now you have a deal. You’ve got an immediate impact player like Young and a catcher for the future. And you’ve got room on the roster for Buchholz or Bowden.


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