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Big Papi or Stan Papi?

Prior to the 1979 season, the Red Sox traded the colorful — and effective — Bill Lee to the Montreal Expos for a utility infielder named Stan Papi. The next season Papi batted .188, with 1 home run and 6 RBI.* Compare that with David Ortiz’s current .194 average. I’m sad to say, the Sox might be better off with Stan Papi than Big Papi, because Stan, at least, could come off the bench to play the field.

It has gotten so bad for Ortiz that is now writing glowing articles about his outs.

If the Sox don’t mind having a black hole in their lineup — that spot which virtually never produces a hit — I’ll be glad to stand at the plate, and I’ll do it for just $1 million a season, not $12 million.

*As an aside, Bill Lee won 16 games for a crummy Montreal team AND batted .216, in one of the worst Red Sox trades this side of Eric Gagne.


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