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LaRoche bomb

The Red Sox have acquired 1st baseman Adam LaRoche from the Pittsburgh Pirates, who appear to be acting as the Sox triple-A farm team these days.

The Sox gave up very little (or appear to have — only time will tell) for this rent-a-player who is a free agent at the end of the year. His bat certainly doesn’t look to send fear into the hearts of opposing hurlers, but he will probably provide some added offense against right-handers. Of course, with the way the Sox are swinging the bat these days, even bringing back Mo Vaughn out of retirement could be an improvement at the plate.

What remains to be seen, at least as I write this, is who will be the odd man out on the current 25-man roster. It figures to be Mark Kotsay, as his prowess at 1st base will no longer be necessary. That’s too bad, as I like Kotsay’s approach to the game. The other issue, however, is this will leave the Sox with just four outfielders, two of whom would be the fragile G.D. Dreadful (i.e. J.D. Drew) and Rocco Baldelli. Of course, if it were up to me, I’d designate Drew and keep Kotsay, but then I’m not the one who needs to justify paying the $14 million per year salary left on Drew’s contract over the next couple or three seasons.

Anyway, I’m far from convinced this is all the medicine the Sox lineup needs, but we’ll have to wait and see. If the Sox turn things around, go deep into the playoffs, then I’ll tip my hat to Theo Epstein.


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