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Let the V-Mart era begin!

Okay, so I guess this is all. The Sox add Victor Martinez and Casey Kotchman. Of the current roster, they ship out Justin Masterson and Adam LaRoche. So the offense gets better, the pitching a little thinner. And the Sox keep both Clay Buchholz and Daniel Bard.

So, while I’m not overly excited about the deals today, I can live with them.

The Sox could not afford to trade Buchholz unless they were getting Roy Halladay in return, because — and this is an irony given all the talk about the depth of the starting pitching — their rotation is very thin. Even now, I fear that this staff will not be good enough to get the Sox to the playoffs. Smoltz has yet to prove he can still pitch more than just a couple of effective innings a start. Penny seems to be fading, his best starts behind him. And even Buchholz has yet to demonstrate he can pitch past the sixth inning. The Sox will continue to need three or four relief pitchers in most games, and now the bullpen is short the one guy who could pitch a few innings at a time.

And this raises additional issues. The Sox will not live with just six relievers. They’ll replace Masterson, perhaps with Michael Bowden, which is going to require waiving one of their position players.

  • Jason Varitek – catcher
  • Victor Martinez – catcher/1st base/dh
  • George Kottaras – Wakefield’s catcher
  • Kevin Youkilis – 1st  base/3rd
  • Casey Kotchman – 1st base
  • Dustin Pedroia – 2nd base
  • Jed Lowrie – short stop
  • Nick Green – short/ 2nd
  • Mike Lowell – 3rd base/dh
  • Jason Bay – left field
  • Jacoby Ellsbury – center field
  • J.D. Drew – right field
  • Rocco Baldelli – outfield
  • David Ortiz – DH

One of those guys will have to hit the road when the Sox add a 12th pitcher. Kottaras is likely gone, but it will be interesting to see if the Sox will ask Martinez or Varitek to catch Wakefield. And this will still leave Boston with only one reserve outfielder.

Anyway, there are still a lot of questions left with this team, but they are better than they were yesterday. Will they be good enough to make a run deep into the post season. We will just have to wait and see.


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