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Youkilis on the loose!

Youk on the loose!

Youk on the loose!

How would you like to be 20-year-old Tigers’ pitcher Rick Porcello and see an angry Kevin Youkilis bearing down on you?! Well, maybe a dose of madness is what the Red Sox have needed, a way to expend the frustration of recent weeks.

The man everyone keeps trying to write-off, Mike Lowell, came into the last night’s game after Youk was ejected and only hit two home runs. There is only one reason (okay, maybe two) Mike Lowell isn’t the full-time DH on this team: Because there’s no way Theo wants to be paying Big Papi $13 million or so to be polishing the dugout bench with his ass. (And the second might just be Terry Francona feels more loyalty to Ortiz — though Lowell won him his second World Series championship.) But check out the batting statistics of the two:

  • In 349 plate appearances this year, Mike Lowell has 13 home runs, 57 RBI, and is batting .297.
  • In 434 plate appearances, David Ortiz has 15 home runs, 62 RBI, and is hitting a measly .220.
  • Both men have 23 doubles.
  • Lowell’s OPS is .836, Ortiz’s is .711.

There is just no rational reason Ortiz should be in the lineup on a regular basis and there’s every reason to keep Lowell’s bat active — THE SOX NEED OFFENSE.

Even against right-handed pitchers it makes sense to play Lowell as DH. Ortiz is batting .219, with an OPS of .707 against right-handers, while Lowell has a .301 average and and OPS of .807.

Theo Epstein needs to make this easy for Terry: Put Ortiz on the DL or designate him for assignment. Right now he is nothing but an anchor sinking this team — his bat is woeful, and he provides no position depth. His presence on the roster is why Kevin Youkili had to play left field in two games against the Yankees. It’s no wonder Youk is frustrated — just look at that face!!!

It’s time to write off David Ortiz’s remaining contract as payment for past performance.


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