Bloody Sox

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Stumbling into the playoffs

I guess congratulations are in order. The Boston Red Sox have qualified for the post season yet again. Can’t be too much celebrating in the club house, however, as the Sox have lost five straight games and seven of their last nine. This isn’t exactly a team with a lot of momentum at the moment. And having watched over the past seven years how Terry Francona operates, I’d guess they’re going to be spending more effort lining up their post season line ups than trying to win their remaining games. On paper this makes sense, and it has worked in the past… but I still get very nervous when my team is floundering entering the playoffs. I want them to look more like an irresistable force than a staggered boxer.

Anyway, as is always the case, time will tell. In the meantime, here’s to Youk, Pedroia, Bay, Ellsbury, Lowell, Big Papi, Tek, Martinez, Drew, Gonzalez, Lester, Beckett, Paps, Wake, Buchholz, etc… It will soon be time to prove you deserve to be in the playoffs again.


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