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Down two games to none…

… what will happen? After losing last night in Anaheim, the Sox frustrating season may be nearing its end.

In the past decade, the Red Sox have seemed at their most invincible when facing elimination in the playoffs. But this team feels different. It doesn’t seem to have that same fire, and even pride. They had beaten their arch division rivals, the Yankees, the first eight games of the season, then lost nine of the next 10 against them. Coming down the stretch toward the end of the season, they couldn’t beat Kansas City! I suppose the fact that they don’t let these things bother them is the one hope I have that the Sox can reel off three straight against the Angels, especially with the next two games at Fenway.

But I am not optimistic. This is a flawed team. I don’t know where the flaw is, but I can tell you where it is not: Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, Mike Lowell, Victor Martinez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, Jonathan Papelbon. So who does that leave? J.D. Drew? Clay Buchholz?

Maybe the flaw is just in the lineup chemistry. There have been too many games when this team does not score runs… and that was the problem against the Angels the first two games of the series. It is a problem that Theo Epstein is going to have to address in the offseason. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get to start that work Monday morning.


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