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Scutaro era has begun!

I get the feeling the signing of Marco Scutaro is just house-cleaning for Theo Epstein as he prepares for his big party, the Winter Meetings, which begin this week in Indianapolis. With the chore of filling the shortstop position for 2010 and probably 2011, he can concentrate on the bigger issues facing his club. Namely, finding a left fielder, first baseman (or third basemen, if you leave Kevin Youkilis at first), a number three or four starting pitcher, and restocking the bullpen with one or two more arms.

Trouble is, that’s a lot to do. Which is why it was good to get Scutaro signed now. I’m not thrilled by that signing, but I’m not troubled by it either. Some people have compared it to the signing of Julio Lugo, but that’s ridiculous. Lugo’s contract was longer and bigger, meaning the Sox had more to lose if Lugo turned into a pumpkin at midnight. When Theo signed Lugo, it was to be the Sox long-term shortstop. It’s clear that that is not the intention with Scutaro. He’s here as a decent shortstop-gap. Lugo was expected to be the leadoff hitter, and Scutaro will probably be batting from the ninth spot… much less pressure.

So I am okay with this signing, but certainly not excited, so I’ll be looking forward to the events of the coming week!


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