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Just what the doctor ordered?

Well, that was a bloody good victory.  What a story book ending! Darnell McDonald, a 30-something-year-old, lifelong minor leaguer turns into Roy Hobbs in his first appearance in a Red Sox uniform! That’s what baseball is all about, moments like this.

Savor it.

Because it isn’t likely to be repeated (oh, but what a story if it is!!!). I mean, what are the odds that this former first round pick of the Orioles is going to suddenly become a star after kicking around for a decade in the minor leagues? Not too good.

And let’s not forget that last night’s win was aided by some shaky outfield play from Josh Hamilton of the Rangers. Plus, the Rangers are on a six game losing streak.

Look, I’m not trying to put water on the cozy fire. This was a great win. It might be the turning point to this, as of yet, abysmal season. I’m just saying, let’s not put too much pressure on Mr. McDonald to repeat this performance. Although I sure wouldn’t mind seeing him or Josh Reddick replace J.D. Drew in right field. Drew has been even worse than David Ortiz — and that’s pretty hard to do these days.

So let’s enjoy this win, and hope it is the start of a long winning streak that gets the Sox back into the thick of things in the A.L. East.


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