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J.D. Drew overrated? Yep.

Sports Illustrated recently polled major league baseball players to learn who among their ranks is the most overrated. Past years it has been Derek Jeter. This year it’s Joba Chamberlain.

Also making this year’s list, at number five, is J.D. Drew, right fielder for the Red Sox. The blogger here takes exception to that ranking, but I tend to agree that Drew is overrated. Look, overrated does not mean bad. It just means that either you do not play up to your pay, your reputation or both. Drew is a good right fielder, a solid hitter, but he is the highest paid position player on the Red Sox and I’d argue that he’s maybe the fourth best non-pitcher on the team.

  • Drew is paid nearly 50% more than Kevin Youkilis. Who would you pick if you were starting a team?
  • Drew makes over 2.5 times as much as Dustin Pedroia. Choose one or the other.
  • Drew makes nearly twice the salary as Victor Martinez. Which player makes your team?

Or look at it this way: You could add three Dustin Pedroia’s to your team for the cost of J.D. Drew, AND you’d have some money left over.

I’m a bit biased, though, as my opinion of Drew was secured during his first season with the Sox. It was a weekend series with the Yankees, the Sox had lost the first game and Drew didn’t play the second game. The next day I read that Francona had given Drew the option to play or not and Drew had chosen to rest! Can you imagine Dwight Evans volunteering to sit out a game against the Yankees?! (By the way, Drew makes nearly $6 million more in one season than Evans made in his entire career. Yea, yea… it’s a different era, but still!)

Is Drew one of the best right fielders in the game? Perhaps, but that’s hardly saying much with the state of outfielders. Certainly J.D. Drew is no Dwight Evans.

UPDATE: Just to be clear, I’m not necessarily agreeing that J.D. Drew is the fifth most overrated playing in the Major Leagues. I suspect there are many more unworthy candidates. It is interesting, though, that this poll represents the opinion of other players.


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