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The long exile of the playoff season

This is the worst time of the year for a baseball fan whose team sits at home during the playoffs. Not only do we have to listen to countless stories of the heroics of other teams, other players (Roy Halladay, I’m talking about you), but all we can do is discuss possibilities about how our team might improve in the off season, since nothing can happen as far as trades and signings until the playoffs are over.

It’s especially miserable when one of the teams involved is the damned Yankees!

Okay, that’s it for today’s rant. Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “The long exile of the playoff season

  1. lavoie101 on said:

    Absolutely – as a Sox fan, it is tough. At least we have the Twins to root for… and, to a lesser extent, the Rangers.

    Should be an interesting winter in Red Sox Nation.

    – Gregg

    • Vermonter 17032 on said:

      Thanks for the comment, Gregg. I’m sorry it took so long to approve! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the Rangers can knock the Yankees out in six!

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