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Red Sox win December!

Well, after a busy week, the Red Sox have gotten their men. Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford will be donning Red Sox uniforms in Fenway Park next season and everyone in New England — at least those sensible enough to be Red Sox fans — are going to have a happy holiday season. Now all that needs to be done is translating that talent into winning.

The pundits seem to be anointing the Sox a trip to the World Series before a game is even played. But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. Gonzalez and Crawford are terrific players. Gonzalez may even be a great player. But neither has won a World Series. The Sox still need to get improved performances from Lackey and Beckett in the starting rotation and the bullpen needs a major lift. Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis and Jacoby Ellsbury need to be fully recovered from their injuries. And the combo of Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jason Varitek need to adeptly handle the catching duties. All those things are possible, but will all of them happen?

Look, I’m not suggesting that this wasn’t a great week for the Red Sox. Let’s celebrate. Let’s get excited. But let’s not take a post season appearance — let alone a World Series berth — as a foregone conclusion.


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