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Four Red Sox in Posnanski’s 32 best!

Joe Posnanski, the stats-junkie and eclectic columnist for Sports Illustrated, has selected the 32 Best Players in Baseball for 2011, and four Red Sox players are among those elite:

Carl Crawford at #26 – “The guy’s awesome. He’s one of the 32 best players in baseball, and pretty comfortably so, in my book. And if you’re a Red Sox fan, you don’t care about money, anyway. But should a Red Sox fan think that now that Crawford is in Boston, in a better hitter’s ballpark and in a market where people will notice him more, that he will suddenly jump up and become one of the 10 best players in baseball? I don’t think so.”

Jon Lester at #22 – “Lester is one of the best pitchers in the league. He is my 2011 pick for American League Cy Young.”

Kevin Youkilis at #19 – “In 2007, he became a good player. In 2008, he became a great one. The last three years, he’s had his share of injury issues, but he’s also hit .308/.404/.560. Add in his superior defense, there aren’t many players in baseball you’d rather have.”

Adrian Gonzalez at #3  – “Adrian Gonzalez has been a great baseball player for five years. Some people know that. And, frankly, some people don’t. And the reason some people don’t is because he played half his games in the hitters coffin that is Petco Park.”

And if you’re wondering, the Red Sox firstbaseman and thirdbaseman are both far higher on the list than those same positions on the Yankees!


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