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Three cheers for three wins!

The Boston Red Sox have the worst record in all of major league baseball after yesterday’s victory over the Toronto Blue Jays “propelled” them to 3 wins and 10 losses. Still, there is much to be optimistic about, starting with the second excellent start in a row by Josh Beckett, which seems to indicate he might actually return to — I was going to say “form,” but his form has been pretty bad — being the pitcher the Sox hoped he’d be when they gave him his huge new contract last year.

But the Sox also got good performances from the bullpen, including Jonathan Papelbon. They got some timely hitting from Adrian Gonzalez, their new gazillionaire first baseman, and Kevin Youkilis. The real punch to the lineup yesterday came from Jed Lowrie, who may just be working his way from super sub and into becoming an everyday starter. Terry Francona needs to stop convincing himself that Marco Scutaro is the better choice at shortstop.

So is this team ready to go on a run? We’ll find out after today’s performance. I’m just glad Dice-K isn’t pitching today, because he’d surely sink them another notch into oblivion.


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One thought on “Three cheers for three wins!

  1. Yesterday was fantastic. And Jon Lester’s finally going to have his win. I feel it…

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