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The way the Universe should work

You see, this is the way the Universe is supposed to work. There are good guys and bad guys. The good guys are supposed to win and the bad guys are supposed to lose. The Coyote never catches the Roadrunner. The Red Sox win and the Yankees lose. And the Yankee clubhouse falls into disarray in the meantime.

So I like what has happened the past two nights in the Bronx. What worries me is that the Boston sportswriters are starting to get smug about it. This is not a good thing, because the sportswriters — especially Shaughnessy — always cop this attitude just before the tide turns the other way. Now, I like Shaughnessy’s old-school approach to sports, but the simple truth is that he is always wrong. He thought Frank McCourt should have been approved as owner of the Red Sox when John Henry purchased the team. In 2006 (I think that was the year) he pronounced the pennant race in the Red Sox favor, in June, and, of course, the Sox collapsed.

While I am glad that the Sox have had an enviable record against their arch enemies, let’s get real. They are still one game under .500 and each of the three other times this season they were in the position of getting to the even mark, they lost two or three games in a row.

So, while I’ll savor the previous two games, I’m not going to count any chickens before they hatch, even with Jon Lester on the mound tonight.


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