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Decisions, decisions…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but with the non-waiver trade deadline fast approaching I thought it was time to comment on the Red Sox needs, or lack thereof.

First of all, I’m against any rental players. But I’m not opposed to bringing in an impact player who is or can be signed long-term.

Here, then, are what I perceive the Red Sox needs to be in order of importance:

  • Starting pitcher
  • Reliable lefty set-up man
  • Shortstop
  • Right-handed batting right fielder

It’s clear to me Andrew Miller is not a long-term answer as the fourth or fifth starter (depending upon Clay Buchholz’s health). Tim Wakefield is a good dyke-plugger (and I mean that in a Little-Dutch-Boy kind of way) during the season, but he isn’t exactly a stopper — and who knows if his body can handle the wear and tear of a full season of starts. So I’d like to see a good/healthy starting pitcher added to the roster. Good and healthy being keys. Don’t know if there is such a thing in this market.

The Sox bullpen has been exceptional this year, except they have yet to find a reliable lefty specialist since Rich Hill burned out his elbow. Plus, they have some real dogmeat in the pen now in Franklin Morales and Randy Williams. Even if it’s not a lefty, they need another reliable arm or two so that Bard, Albers and Aceves don’t have to carry all the weight leading up to Papelbon.

I like Marco Scutaro, but his defense isn’t reliable enough. As potent as the Sox offense has been, they could plug Jose Iglasias into that spot, but it would be nice if they could get a better option. I’m only onboard trading for Jose Reyes if signing him to a long-term deal is part of the package, which seems very unlikely given that he’s a Boras-bot.

Josh Reddick has demonstrated so far that he can play right field and provide potency in the lineup. If the Sox feel confident he can maintain this level of play, great. But when you read Theo’s and Terry’s comments about Reddick, you get a feeling they both think he’ll turn back into a pumpkin any day now. If that’s the case, trade him now and get a solid, proven right fielder, preferably a right-handed batter.

All that considered, the Sox are pretty darn impressive just as they are. If Buchholz returns to form, they really don’t have to make any moves. If.


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