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Trade deadline gambles


The interesting thing about the annual trade deadline is that the deals can’t be accurately evaluated for at least a couple of months, and sometimes not for years. For example, I think the trade for Victor Martinez, which sent Justin Masterson and Nick Hagadorne to Cleveland in 2009 has proven to be a bad deal. Victor was a good, productive player. But he is no longer with the Sox, and Masterson would really look nice as part of the rotation.

It is possible that Erik Bedard, acquired this weekend, will be an essential piece in the Red Sox successful march into October and onto the World Series. It is just as likely, perhaps more so, that the talented, but oft-injured lefty pitcher will be back on the DL, ending up a forgotten move in 2011. It does feel as if the Red Sox over-paid for him, but if he wins five or six games the rest of the season and has one or two post-season victories, he will have been worth the cost. Even if, a few years from now one or more of the prospects traded for him turns out to be a good major leaguer. It’s a gamble, as all deals are. The Sox haven’t bet the farm on an inside straight. We just won’t know the payoff or what the real bet was until sometime in the future.



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