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Classless front office dumps Francona

Terry Francona

It’s official. The Red Sox have fired Terry Francona.* I now have nothing but contempt for John Henry, Tom Werner, and Larry Luchino, the Red Sox so-called brain trust. Making Francona the scapegoat for the colossal collapse is pathetic and cowardly. Worse still, it isn’t even going to fix anything.

According to the official press release, the problem is that Terry lost the respect of some of the players in the club house. And you fix this by caving in to the bad-seeds in the locker room? You want to fix the problem of respect, pick up Terry’s option and trade the rotten apples for a couple of bags of balls. On the karmic front, however, John Henry injured himself on his yacht today and had to be brought to the hospital. It’s hard to navigate a slippery deck with your head up your ass.

Terry Francona is a classy guy, and a terrific manager. He deserves way better than he got from the losers in his locker room. He deserves better than he got from the Red Sox management. He’ll land on his feet with a new team, and I hope he beats the pants off the Red Sox whenever he gets the chance.

*Of course, it isn’t technically a firing, as his contract has expired. They just decided not to pick up the two-year options. Same thing as firing though.


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2 thoughts on “Classless front office dumps Francona

  1. It angers me. It really does.
    And I would LOVE a yacht. I wouldn’t wreck it or anything.
    I would make such a great rich person. That sounds like an excellent post topic. I will get on that.
    You should drop back by. Sox bloggers should stick together. Especially now…

    • Steve Zeoli on said:

      Thanks for posting a comment. I will be checking in regularly at your blog… misery loves company you know. I’ll also be rooting for you to get the chance to be a rich person!

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