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Johnny Gutless speaks

Instead of holding a press conference and answering uncensored questions from real reporters, Red Sox owner John Henry and club president Larry Luchino appeared on a local Boston radio show, the one that lives on its broadcasts of Red Sox games, so you can assume there were not going to be any tough questions or follow ups.

Even though this “facing of the press” was as safe for Henry as he could make it, he still managed to reveal his true colors (and they include a big yellow stripe):

Henry was asked if it was a fair statement for Francona to describe the divorce from the Red Sox as “a mutual decision.”

“We really didn’t get a chance to make it mutual,” Henry said. “But thinking about it, would we have ended up at the same place he ended up? Based on the things that we heard and things that we saw, there’s a strong likelihood that we would have, so you could say it was mutual but the way it took place in my mind wasn’t really mutual the way it took place.”

So Henry didn’t pick up Francona’s option, which left this two-time-World-Series-Champion manager dangling in the wind all season. Then, when Francona decided he’d had enough of that disrespect and made the decision himself to move on, Henry feels safe in saying the “divorce” was NOT mutual, thus avoiding any, you know, responsibility for anything.

Perhaps Henry is just upset that his ambivalence prevented him from being able to actually fire Francona.


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