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“I was just being a teammate”

Jason Varitek announced his retirement from baseball yesterday. The long-time catcher and team captain will be missed on the field more than some pundits will acknowledge. At his retirement ceremony yesterday, Varitek got emotional when seeing all his teammates who came out to celebrate his career. He talked about how hard it is to walk away from the players he has played the game with.

When asked by the Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy about the iconic moment from his career when he smite Alex Rodriguez in a 2004 game against the Yankees, Varitek answered by saying, “I was just being a teammate.”

That is the perfect legacy for Jason Varitek.

Varitek was offered jobs with other teams, but like Tim Wakefield, Jason wanted to end his career as a Red Sox. That feels like an old fashioned sentiment, but one I greatly appreciate. That’s why Jason Varitek has transcended the measure of his career statistics and is one of the truly great Red Sox players of all time.

Thank you, Jason, for giving us 15 years of thrills — not to mention two World Series championships and four no hitters.


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