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No pitchforks

Someone is going to have to explain to me what exactly it is that the Boston Red Sox players did that is so bad.

Earlier this week the intrepid Jeff Passan got a few people to not go on the record to tell the story of a meeting players had with ownership. Oooo. That’s dreadful!

Tell me one other job in America where you can’t talk with the person signing your paycheck.

From the frothing at the mouth I’ve heard on MLB Radio (normally a fairly level-headed media outlet), you’d think the players stormed the castle carrying pitchforks and torches, demanding Bobby Valentine’s head.

Nothing is further from the truth, of course. Even Passan’s story makes that clear. Someone, probably Adrian Gonzalez, texted ownership (as the players are invited to do) with concern about how Bobby Valentine handled a rough outing by Jon Lester. This prompted owner John Henry to invite the players to meet with him to discuss the issue. This meeting was held on an off day, yet 17 players went to it. That’s how important it was to the players. They aired their grievances and went back to playing ball (admittedly not very well). This is how mature organizations behave. Where’s the controversy?

Passan reported that some players said they couldn’t play for Bobby Valentine anymore. Okay, who are those players? The meeting took place almost three weeks ago and I’m unaware of any players quitting. The supposed ringleaders, Dustin Pedroia and Adrian Gonzalez, are still playing and in fact playing well. Gonzalez was recently named AL player of the week.

Again I ask, what’s the problem here? Why are we making such a big deal of this? The players had their chance to discuss issues with ownership, back to business. They had put this behind themselves until Passan dug it up.

Some feel, I guess, that players should be loyal to a manager no matter what, and that loyalty extends to NEVER talking with anyone but the manager. Seriously? Is that how it works at your job? Is that how you’d want it? If you think your supervisor is abusing your colleagues, is making decisions that hurt your business, you mean to tell me you would not talk to HIS/HER boss? If that’s the case, you’re an idiot. And a bad employee.

Beyond all this, how the Red Sox handle THEIR business is… THEIR BUSINESS.

The only thing that matters is the play on the field. You want to criticize the Red Sox for that, I’m with you.


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