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Boston Wrong (as in me)


It has been a long, long time since I posted. I was very skeptical of what Ben Cherington was doing with the Red Sox last off season. I thought they’d be lucky to win 85 games. I was wrong. Dead wrong. Completely wrong. As wrong as it is possible to be for anyone not in the Tea Party.

The 2013 Red Sox were a great team. Not just because they won the World Series, although that helps. But they were a great TEAM. I don’t need to go into that. It is well documented by now. I could see that I was wrong about this team back in April, but I was afraid to acknowledge it then for fear of jinxing them. When they kept on winning, I kept silent, even into the playoffs. But now that the’ve reached the pinnacle of baseball, I can say it: Congratulations, Boston Red Sox. You’re the best team in baseball, and I’m very happy to have been wrong about you.


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