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The Big Dombrowski

Dave Dombrowski has changed the way the Red Sox do business. In a big way. I’m not sure I approve entirely, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Dombrowski broke the bank: In prospects to bring Craig Kimbrel to the back end of the bullpen. In dollars to lure David Price to the front end of the rotation. In both cases he demonstrated a lack of worry about hard negotiations. He wanted the players. He paid a big price. Will we regret this? We might if Kimbrel doesn’t pitch as he has so far in his career and Manuel Margot becomes a perennial All-Star. We might if Price starts showing genuine wear and tear, dipping in performance like Justin Verlander and then chooses not to opt-out of his contract and the Sox are still paying him $31 million a year to pitch like a number four starter in 2020.

But that’s the negative view. The positive view is that the Sox ride Price and Kimbrel to another World Series title or two.


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