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From first to worst

In 2010, the Boston Red Sox had a first baseman named Kevin Youkilis who hit .307 with a .411 on base percentage, 19 home runs and 62 RBIs in 102 games at the position. He had won a Gold Glove at first base just a few years before. But he was starting to wear down. That was okay, though, because the Sox also had a phenom in the minors named Lars Andersen, who was going to be their first baseman of the future. When he fizzled out in Double A ball, it was okay, because they had another phenom in waiting, Anthony Rizzo. But then they traded Anthony Rizzo, but that was okay, because they got Adrian Gonzalez, an all-star and Gold Glover, who was going to tear the paint off the Green Monster. Then they traded Adrian Gonzalez because they wanted to rid themselves of Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett.

But that was okay, because they just signed Mike Napoli to play first base. But wait, Napoli hit just .227 last year and is said to be a defensive liability. But that’s okay because they gave him a small contract, right. Well, not really. They’re paying him $13 million a year for three years.

And Napoli was the Red Sox “primary off-season target” according to Sean McAdam! Apparently, a big step toward mediocrity is the Red Sox goal for 2013.


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