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Out on a limb: 10 predictions for ’10

In the tradition of the Amazing Kreskin, Joe Namath and Jean Dixon, here are 10 intrepid Red Sox predictions for 2010:

  1. David Ortiz will hit more home runs than Jason Bay.
  2. Ted Williams’ head will NOT be a story this year.
  3. J.D. Drew will play fewer than 110 games due to various ailments.
  4. John Lackey and Josh Beckett will each win 16 games.
  5. Terry Francona will bleed from at least two orifices before the season is over.
  6. Marco Scutaro for the Red Sox will hit fewer home runs than Alex Gonzalez will hit for the Blue Jays.
  7. Adrian Gonzalez will be playing first base for the Red Sox by August 1st.
  8. Coincidentally Jacoby Ellsbury will be roaming center field for the Padres by August 1st.
  9. George Steinbrenner will die, go to hell, where Abner Doubleday will hunt him down and kick the crap out of him.
  10. The Red Sox will qualify for the post season as the wild card team with 94 wins, but they will lose in game 5 of the first round to the Texas Rangers on a walk off home run by Mike Lowell.

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