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Now is the winter of my discontent

The Angels beat the Yankees last night to extend the American League Championship Series to a sixth game to be played in the Bronx. Whoopee! Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but once the Sox are out of the playoffs, my interest level falls to about the level of Rush Limbaugh’s sense of shame.

Yes, of course, I hope the Yankees lose, and I’ll be routing for the Phillies no matter which AL team they face. But I’m already more interested in what moves Theo Epstein will make this off season to prepare the Red Sox for 2010. To that end, this article by Tony Massarotti is very interesting.

Still, I need more of a Red Sox fix. Even though it has been nearly two weeks since the Sox season ended, I find myself logging onto my computer to get some news… any news… because I’ve become used to checking the box scores each night or day. Now I need to hear about a free agent signing or a blockbuster deal.

The problem is, I don’t actually expect either of those to occur this off season, so I am anticipating a long, dull (in terms of the Sox) winter, one that will be made all the worse if the Yankees win the World Series, an all-too-likely possibility.

Go Angels and Phillies! Ho, hum.


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